Deepera File Host

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Deepfile - Node.js File Host

Deepfile is a simple file server for uploading and downloading files.

To start service, use:

make install
make start

Server will listen on port 9007.

To upload a file, POST to http://<server-ip>:9007/. Multiple file uploading is supported and the default maximum file size is 2 MB. Server will return the file info if successful, e.g.:

    "size": 259129,
    "path": "data/2017-04-19/upload_fd1d5e4aee34df614c333f390bd6610d.jpg",
    "name": "5a00605df0ac4f8147ae78fd8ba73349.jpg",
    "type": "image/jpeg",
    "mtime": "2017-04-19T08:42:36.315Z"

The file could be downloaded using path from the returning info, e.g.,:


To show the current file list, GET from http://<server-ip>:9007/list/ or navigate to http://<server-ip>:9007/ directly.

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